Stop spending money on underperforming ads

One hour. One goal. Review your LinkedIn campaigns to find quick wins and long-term opportunities that will dramatically increase your return on ad spend.

The call was so helpful. You can read all the blog posts but a call with a genuine expert to sense check your approach gives you much more confidence.

Lucy Freeman, Marketing Manager, TMC


Get an expert review of your LinkedIn ads

Over the past year, we’ve audited 30+ companies’ LinkedIn ads. Most of the time we find (and fix) the same mistakes.

Our LinkedIn Ads Power Hour is a one-off, no-strings-attached session where we review your ads and show you what you should do right now to maximise return on ad spend.

How does it work?

We hop on a call and ask five quick questions to understand where you’re at

You share your screen and show us your campaigns (we don’t need access to Campaign Manager - everything is done remotely)

We highlight quick wins and long-term opportunities then follow up with a personalised checklist to help you maximise return on ad spend

What does it cost?

The Power Hour is totally free

We only give away four sessions per month to companies that meet specific criteria (you can see these below)

Who’s it for?

You’re spending more than £1,000 a month on LinkedIn and not getting enough qualified conversions

You’re an in-house marketer who wants an expert to validate their approach

You paid an agency or freelancer to set up your campaigns and would like to validate their approach

Who isn’t it for?

You’ve got qualified opportunities coming out of your ears and your ads are performing way above CTR benchmarks for your industry

Get an Expert Review of Your Ads

Use the form below to request a Power Hour. We’ll follow up over email and book in a time (usually within seven days of your request).

LinkedIn Ads Power Hour

In just one hour we learned a lot. Marc spotted issues and made recommendations we otherwise wouldn't have thought about.

Pete Jakobs, Fractional Marketing Director